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Company VOX TRADE was established in 1992., In Belgrade, and then takes the two clearly defined directions to your business. The first segment covers equipment for spa, wellness and beauty salons, and other audio and video equipment. From the beginning, the main objective is the quality of the product, which is zvog through its distribution program VOX TRADE always follow the latest trends.

The first company was a partner, and has remained, a Dutch manufacturer of solariums, Alisun. Alisun is one of the oldest manufacturers of tanning beds in the world, and during the years of work has proven to be the most reliable. All the more reason for the long partnestvo with Alisun the excellent relationship between price and quality. 

Following the idea that it is for the company and for the clients best when everything can be found in one place, VOX TRADE decides in its distribution program include another world-famous company, IONTO - COMED from Germany - manufacturer of high quality equipment and appliances intended for hotels, Wellness and SPA centers and beauty salons. Company IONTO COMED-founded the '70s and since then the city name and the status of one of the most exclusive and highest quality producers of equipment for face and body. 

What are the trends in the changing industry standards, so the VOX TRADE pace with the newspaper. When "DaySpa" (Daily SPA) became current in Europe, the first next step was the distribution of wellness and spa capsule that produces a pioneer in the field - Sybaritic from America. The company Sybaritic and its founder Stephen dafer the seventies patented his first capsule for what is unique in the world. Because of the outstanding features of the expansion of the capsule has become amazing, and is now Sybaritic the only brand that can be found in the most prestigious hotels of the world, such as the first 7-star hotel in Dubai - Burj Al Arab. Following the success of the capsule, Sybaritic now offering devices for treatment of the body and face - of equal quality, a dedicated body contouring, permanent hair removal, the treatment of radio waves and cavitation, and all approved by the FDA. 

With a motive to "DaySpa" in VOX-Trade entered into a partnership with the company WELLSYSTEM from Germany. Their Beds "dry water" massage are the latest trend of recovery in just a few minutes, even without removing the dressing and obligatory part of the equipment of every wellness, spa and sports center. 

In order to engage in business and cosmetics for face and body and offers the best quality for the best price, the VOX-Trade opt for Maystar cosmetics from Spain. Maystar is a renowned international company, which operates more than 20 years and is present in over 65 countries worldwide. 

With all of these companies, the firm VOX TRADE LTD has become synonymous with quality products and services in their offer making a list of clients, partners and associates of the company is constantly expanding. 

All this makes our offer SPA & Wellness centers rounded top quality products that will fully meet the requirements of you and your clients.

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