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Glob Metropoliten Tours
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Makenzijeva 26
Glob Metropoliten Tours

Glob Metropoliten Tours: private travel agency founded in 1996, providing complete services in tourism, with professional personnel and latest reservation systems, in 2006 joined the global network of Lufthansa City Center, a brand and a network association which even increased our comprehensive service.

GLOB METROPOLITEN TOURS Lufthansa City Center together with our Lufthansa City Center colleagues located in more than 60 countries; provide a recognized brand around the globe, offering a uniform, top quality service.



Glob Metropoliten Tours offers and presents to its client best solutions in the field of tourism, applying state of the art technology combined with professional experience and recommendations.

Its service allows the client, passengers traveling on their own, or companies, to be more efficient in their work, to make business deals in a modern and profitable manner, and to keep a leading role in their own field of work.

Enforcing new trends, revealing improvements on individual tailor-made customer for both, leisure and corporate customers. Lufthansa City Center combine flexibility and innovation, competence and experience with a comprehensive service portfolio, motivated staff and the benefits of a world-wide network.

Glob Metropoliten Tours offering the complete range of travel management solutions with excellent price performance, in the fields of:

-Providing information, advising and travel planning
-Organizing trips, fairs, and congresses
-Organizing accommodation in the country and abroad
-Selling tickets (plane, railway and bus)
-Selling package arrangements
-Renting tourist and other capacities, as needed
-Providing transfer from and to the airport ( luxury vehicles , mini buses , full size coaches )
-Organizing business arrangements, related to cultural, sports and political events
VIP service
-Excursions and sightseeing
-Providing souvenirs and gifts
-Organizing business meetings, conferences, congresses, fairs, cocktails and banquets
-Rent a car services
-Providing communication in foreign languages, with professional guiding
-Courier mail

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