The best thigs come at the end

True, it's a little weird but we are proud that our fallen snow and prolong the enjoyment of winter magic!

The combination of winter idyll of sun and the lengthening days gives the impression of perfection.

Advance wish to congratulate you and invite you to International Women's Day March 8 spend with us because we have come up with packages and treatments for you.

Holiday needs of combat or an opportunity to donate some attention.

Wellness is about health and health today and in the future more'' to'' price, because people innate need to feel good and striving to achieve. Necessary to listen to the wishes and needs of our customers and create just one story and wellness products for you because unless atmosphere and experience provide measurable results.

Helena Letić

Kraljevi Čardaci Spa

Adress: Čajetinska česma bb

Phone: 036/428-558, 036/428-673


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